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Stay Safe Kitty: How To Protect Your Feline Companion During The Holidays

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During this festive time of year, you're probably planning parties, and decorating your home. What you might not know is that the things you're doing around the house could be putting your cat at risk. Cats are particularly susceptible to injuries and illnesses during the holiday season, especially once the decorations go up and the parties begin. Don't risk your cats health during the holidays. Here are four things that can be harmful to your cat.

Holiday Sweaters and Hats

It can be fun to dress your cat in whimsical holiday outfits such as sweaters and hats. Unfortunately, those whimsical holiday outfits can actually be quite harmful for your cat. First, the constricting outfits can cause your cat to experience unnecessary stress. Second, the thread can unravel, causing suffocation hazards. Third, if your cat chews on the long threads, they could swallow them, leading to a choking hazard. Finally, some of the dyes used to manufacture those sweaters and hats may be toxic, which could prove fatal for your cat. Protect your cat. Keep the holiday clothes away from it.

Holiday Lights

Holiday lights lend a festive touch to any home. However, if you leave the lights down where your cat can get to them, it may chew on the cords, which could lead to electrocution. To help your cat avoid electrocution due to its own curious nature, hang lights in areas that are out of the way. It's particularly important that you keep the lights out of your holiday tree. You never know when your cat will decide to climb in the tree to play with the twinkling lights.

Holiday Parties

If you're going to be hosting holiday parties in your home, be mindful of your cats stress level. Too much noise and chaos can put your cat into a stressful state that can affect its overall health. Before your parties begin, set up a nice quiet place for your cat to relax, preferably one that's far removed from the festivities.

Holiday Canine Guests

If you're going to be having out-of-town guests staying in your home, you might want to ask them to keep their canine family members at home. You never know when a friend or family member is going to bring a dog into the home that could harm your cat. After all, even friendly dogs can become aggressive when greeted with an unfamiliar cat. If your guests must bring their dogs with them, you should consider checking your cat into a local feline board and care. Your cat will be safe and secure while you're entertaining house guests.

Contact a pet clinic, like Family Pet Clinic, for help.