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Prevent A Catastrophe - Feline Grooming Tips

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Your ball of fluff (kitten or cat) needs to be cared for and groomed, even though felines groom themselves, you should be doing some of that work too. Cats need a little bit of help here and there to keep their fur looking fluffy and smelling clean. Of course, most cats don't really like water, so you may need to take your cat to a groomer or veterinarian for help with some of these tasks. See below or grooming tips for your feline.

Brush, Brush, Brush

Your cat's fur can mat and look unsightly, especially if your cat is a long-haired breed. Use a brush to brush through your cat's fur. Look at your local pet store for a brush or comb to use on your cat. There are multiple types available, so look for one that is made to brush through your cat's fur type. Brush once per week for longer haired breeds, or a few times per month for shorter hair breeds.

Give A Bath

Again, cats usually don't like water, so if your cat is really hesitant about water, don't force it. Leave this to a professional and have your cat bathed at your local pet groomer or with your veterinarian where they have the right tools and a few helping hands to get the job done without injuring your cat. Baths will make your cat's fur smell better, can help remove mats from fur and can also get rid of fleas if your cat has them.

Clean Ears And Eyes

Your cat's eyes and ears can get very dirty, so inspect them often. Never use q-tips in your cat's ears, only use a wet cotton-ball to brush away dirt or wax. Your cat's eyes may get crusty, use a wet washcloth or a wet cotton-ball to remove them. Be gentle on your cat's ears and eyes, never rub too hard or you could risk scratching these sensitive areas.

Clip Nails

If your cat has been de-clawed, you can skip this step, but if your cat still has nails you should have them clipped often. Long nails can hurt you or others in your home, can be dangerous for your cat if they get stuck in carpeting, and can also cause damage to the furniture in your home. You can clip your cat's nails yourself, or you can take your cat to the groomer or veterinarian for help with this task. 

Your cat is a cuddly ball of fur that requires some grooming care from you. Talk to your pet clinic about other feline care tips.