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3 Reasons To Visit A Vet Before Moving Out Of The Country With Your Cat

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If you're anticipating moving out of the country, there are several things that you'll need to be responsible for in order for the move to go smoothly. If you have a pet cat that you're planning on bringing with you to your new home, you need to consider the work that's involved in transitioning to a new country with an animal.

Transporting animal laws can differ country-to-country, so you should consider the following reasons why a vet visit should be made a priority before booking your travel tickets.

Make Sure Your Cat is Fit for Travel

Depending on the age of your cat and the health they are in, it may not be suitable for them to travel. It can be impossible for you to determine whether or not your cat is in good enough health to travel without the help of a professional, making it important that you visit a vet and ask about their opinion on whether your cat is ready. Many airlines even require written approval from the vet to indicate that they are safe for traveling, making a vet visit even more of a necessity.

Get Any Necessary Vaccines Taken Care Of

Every country will require the animals entering it to have vaccinations in advance. Taking a look at the requirements from the country you are moving to can help you get a good idea of exactly what vaccinations will need to be taken care of. Scheduling a visit to the vet to get all the vaccines taken care of at the same time can make the experience less stressful for your cat since you can get everything done at one time and avoid multiple visits in the future.

Keep Your Cat Calm with Prescribed Medicine

If you've never traveled with your cat before, you may be unsure about how they will handle the move. Since you'll most likely be traveling by plane, you need to consider the kind of stress that your cat could experience.

One thing that can help your cat is to get prescribed calming medication that will help a lot with keeping your cat calm during the move. Instead of choosing to trust any over-the-counter product for your cat, you can depend on the quality that the veterinarian can provide you with.

Visiting the veterinarian with your cat for moving to a new country can help a lot in cutting down some of the stress that you may be anticipating. Depending on the age and health of your cat, a veterinarian can make all the difference in keeping your cat safe during the move and avoid potential illnesses or injuries that could have been avoided. Making sure that the veterinarian is aware of your upcoming move can also ensure that you are able to get all the work you need to be done in advance.

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