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Older Dog Has Fleas? Keep Your Pet Safe With This Information

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If your beloved older dog has fleas, you might not know how to treat your pet's problem safely.  Fleas can cause numerous health problems for older dogs, especially pets with thin or dry skin. Your pet can develop an intense itch in their delicate skin. If the bites become infected, your dog may suffer even more. Here are ways to keep your pet safe from flea bites.

Moisturize Your Pet's Skin

Humans aren't the only beings to suffer from dry skin as they age. Dogs can also develop dry, flaky skin when they reach maturity. But unlike your skin, it may not be easy to see the condition of your dog's skin, especially if your pet has long hair. Fleas can take advantage of your dog's hair to feed on their delicate, dry skin.

Your pet might scratch their skin to relieve the itch. Normally, scratching doesn't cause too many problems for dogs. However, if your dog's with fragile skin can develop ulcers or sores on it. Bacteria can infect the ulcers over time.

You can try bathing your dog with a shampoo containing oatmeal. Oatmeal has natural properties that soothe itchy skin. After you bathe your pet, rinse their skin with a moisturizer. Your local pet store or veterinarian should provide the product you need. Complete the treatment with a flea repellent solution or spray specially designed for older dogs.

If none of the treatments above soothe your pet's delicate skin or eliminates their flea problem, seek help from a veterinarian.

Schedule a Visit to the Vet

A pet doctor, or veterinarian, will generally apply different medications to treat your pet's flea problem. A pet doctor may also examine your dog's skin and treat any sores they find on it. If your dog's hair is too long, a vet may go ahead and trim it. A veterinarian will provide other dog treatments as necessary.

Once you bring your pet home, monitor their skin for future sores or fleas. If you find any changes in your dog's condition, report them to a vet immediately. Older dogs can develop allergies to fleas and other parasitic pests. Your pet may qualify for allergy dog treatments in your area.

Also, discard any pet toys, blankets, and beds infested with fleas. For expensive items, you may wash them in hot water to kill the pests. If you have concerns about your pet's personal items, consult directly with a pet doctor.

You can keep your beloved older dog healthy and happy by visiting a local veterinarian today.